Introducing Vancouver Key To The City

Loyalty rewarded instantly with VIP exclusive perks bestowed upon Vancouver’s Keyholders.  There will be just 3,000 Vancouver VIP Keys To The City in circulation for 2018 with exclusive VIP access and perks to the best of the city.

The premise is simple; Visit & do business with any of our curated partners and flash your 2018 Vancouver Key and enjoy an exclusive instant loyalty-love perk on every visit.  All year long.  Experience the ultimate lifestyle brand that is Vancouver Key To The City.

Be among only 3,000 Keyholders with exclusive, unlimited VIP access.

With nearly 30 of the best restaurants, nightlife, spas and more already partnered with us, we will continue to source and add the best new and hottest partners from around Vancouver every month.   It’s all about VIP loyalty love and a curated guide to the best of Vancouver.  Plus, the Key is a conversation starter as it shines in all its glory on your keychain and will have your friends asking, “What is that!?”

Order the inaugural 2018 Vancouver Key To The City.  Choose from the best of Vancouver listed on our site & app.  Flash the Key.  Enjoy VIP instant loyalty love on every visit, all year.

Only the best will do for our Keyholders.

Just a few of the over 35 current Perk Partner businesses we have sourced and curated for the Vancouver Key To The City program.  More to be revealed monthly as we continue to add more of the best in all areas of the Greater Vancouver Area.

VIP perks will be revealed for each Perk Partner business on the program.   VIP loyalty includes complimentary appetizers, desserts or drinks with every dine-in experience at our partner restaurants.  VIP loyalty perks for nightlife are line bypass and waived cover for Keyholders.   Keyholders will save on all tickets to our events, attractions and entertainment partners.  The list goes on and includes spas, shops, services and more.